Cloud Router Guide

Setting up your first site

If you haven't already, register for a Cloud Router Account. Once registered Login and navigate to settings, and click add site.

The name field is the title of the site that you will see in the title of email notifications and throughout your account. The Code field allows you to have a human readable URL that you can book mark. For example the web url for the above site would be: http://staging.cloudrouter.pakton.net/site/johannesburg_shop/dashboard

On the newly created 'Johannesburg Shop' site click the '+' icon to add your first device. This with be a 320 gateway.

The address field will contain the serial number of the gateway then a forward slash, and then the serial number once again. This is a unique requirement for gateway devices and in the above example the serial number of the gateway is 123456.

Next we'll add a Z14, which we will name Shop Z14, the address here takes the serial number of the gateway that was just added, then a forward slash, and finally the units Keypad bus group ID. Note you have to change the device type to be a Z14

You can edit the original gateway to only show some of its inputs or outputs. You can even rename the inputs our outputs to be more user friendly such as 'Flood Lights'.

At this point you should be able to control and monitor your site.

Additional Features

The Overview page will give you a quick run down of the status of your site(s). Any alarms will be mentioned there as well as the armed state of the site.

The logs can be used to view user actions, voltages or alarms on the site.

You can even edit the settings to receive email notifications for when a site goes into alarm.

More features are being added all the time, and this site will update explaining these features as they are released.