Cloud Router™ Guide

If you haven't setup your first, continue to Setting up your first site otherwise here are some Additional features Cloud Router™ provides:

Setting up your first site

If you haven't already, register for a Cloud Router™ Account. Once registered Login and navigate to My Account and click on Upgrade.

Fill in your personal bank details and click Upgrade once you are done.

Your subscription should now show Cloud Router™ Pro. Please note that you must upgrade your account, so that you can proceed to setting up your own sites.

Within Settings or the Overview page create a site.

The name field is the title of the site that you will see in the title of email notifications and throughout your account. You are able to select your TimeZone. The Code field is automatically generating a human readable URL that you can bookmark. For example the web url for the above site would be:

In the settings of the newly created 'Brisbane Site' site click the '+' icon to add your first device. This will be a 320 GMS gateway.

The address field will contain the serial number of the gateway then a forward slash, and then the serial number once again. This is a unique requirement for gateway devices and in the above example the serial number of the gateway is 654321.

Next we'll add a Z14, which we will name Z14, the address here takes the serial number of the gateway that was just added, then a forward slash, and finally the units Keypad bus group ID. Note you have to change the device type to be a Z14

Within the Settings or Dashboard you can edit the original gateway to only show some of its inputs or outputs. You can even rename the inputs or outputs to be more user friendly such as 'Flood Lights'.

At this point you should be able to control and monitor your site.

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Additional Features

If you have more than one zone added to a site you are able to arm and disarm the entire site with just one click.

The Overview page will give you a quick run down of the status of your site(s). Any alarms will be mentioned there as well as the armed state of the site.

The logs can be used to view user actions, voltages or alarms on the site.

You can even edit the settings to receive email notifications for when a site goes into alarm.

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Add-on Packs

Cloud Router™ packs allow you to tailor your subscription to how you use it. By adding an SMS pack you increase your SMS notifications quota by 50 SMS's per pack. Cloud Router™ Pro Comes with 50 SMS's included, so if you add one SMS pack to your subscription, you will be able to receive 100 SMS's per month. Cloud Router™ pro allows you to be the owner of one site. Should you need to create and therefore own another site, you will need to add a site pack to your monthly subscription. As an added bonus Site packs come with 50 SMS notifications included. So if you subscribe to Cloud Router™ Pro with 1 site pack and 1 SMS pack added to your subscription you will be able to recieve 150 SMS's per month and be the owner of 2 sites.

Name Includes Cost (AUD)
Cloud Router™ Pro 1 Site, 50 SMS's $2.50
Site Packs 1 Site, 50 SMS's $2.50
SMS Packs 50 SMS's $2.00

If you wish to purchase more sites or additional SMS bundles you can do so by navigating to "My Account".

If you have a current subscription click on "Update" otherwise click "Upgrade"

Here you can see the add-ons. Start of by setting a quantity for the amount of packs you wish to buy, a total monthly subscription cost will display below the packs and from here you just need to fill in your billing details.

If you wish to remove packs, navigate to the billings page as you did above and reduce the packs number and submit

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User Permissions & Adding Users

The owner of a site can share their site to other users and specify each users permissions. Below is a table summarising the main differences between a Cloud Router™ Pro and Cloud Router™ Free account:

Abilities Cloud Router™ Free Account Cloud Router™ Pro Account
View Site
View Devices
Create Sites
Control Sites
View Site Logs
Email Notifications
SMS Notifications
Facebook Notifications
Configure Sites
Share Sites
Change Site User Permissions
Change Device Setting

Below is a table representing what a user can do based on their site permissions. This table is only relevant for Cloud Router™ Pro account holders as the Cloud Router™ Free users can only view sites and devices no matter what their site permissions are.

O = Owner, A = Admin, S = Supervisor, U = User
Abilities O A S U
Add Admins
Add Supervisors
Add Users
Delete Admins
Delete Supervisors
Delete Users
Control Sites
Change Site Settings
View Sites
View Devices
Change Device Settings
Access Logs
Notifications via Facebook, SMS and Email

To add another user to a site navigate to the settings page.

Then click the person symbol on the site you wish to share

Click the '+' symbol like below:

Enter the email of the person you wish to add and select the permission you wish to give them and then click 'ADD USER'

They are now added! Anybody joined to a site can view their user level next to the site name in the settings or in the top right corner of the page. If you wish to remove them from the site you can click the 'x' symbol next to their email

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Facebook Alerts

Cloud Router™ now accepts facebook notifications! This means that you now have the option of receiving either Facebook or SMS notifications. To add Facebook notifications navigate to 'My Account' and scroll to the bottom where you will see a Facebook symbol with 'Send to Messenger' next to it

If you are already signed into Facebook you will see your profile name and picture under the 'Send to Messenger' text, proceed to click this text if you are signed in. If you are not signed in click the 'Send to Messenger' text and a small page will appear where you will have to sign into your Facebook account. Please refresh the page to make sure everything has updated properly, where 'Remove Facebook Integration' is now displayed next to the Facebook icon.

Once you have done either of the steps above you will receive a Facebook message from JVA Technologies. This means you are now connected to Facebook and every notification that you would normally receive via SMS will be sent to your facebook as well.

If you decide you do not want your Facebook attached to your Cloud Router™ account you can remove it by navigating to the same location as the above steps and this time click on the 'Remove Facebook Integration' text.

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Gravatar Support

Cloud Router™ supports Gravatar! If your email is linked to Gravatar you can navigate to 'My Account' and scroll down until you see 'enable Gravatar integration'. By default this is enabled and if you wish to disable it, un-check the box.

You can now go to your logs where you can view your Gravatar picture. If you cannot find it you might need to arm or disarm your site.

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Site & Device Ordering

If you have more than 1 site, You now have the option of arranging them. To do so navigate to your settings page. Simply click and hold near the site name or the grey coloured banner surrounding the site name and drag it up or down to your preferred position. The below video shows how to change the order of sites however you can only order sites via a computer not a mobile.

Like above you can order your devices. Click and hold near the device name and drag it up or down to your preferred position. Then check out your dashboard for the new changes. The below video shows how to change the order of devices however you can only order devices via a computer not a mobile.

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LED & Device Specification

User manuals provide all the necessary specifications for the devices that can be used with Cloud Router™. User manuals can be found here

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I've cancelled my subscription what happens now?

You will still have access to all the features you subscribed to until 1 month after your subscription date. The date that you will revert to a free account will show in the subscription section.

What is Gravatar?

Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatars and it links your email account to a profile picture of your choosing. Many different sites use Gravatar to personalize user accounts with something other than their name or email address. We use it to personalize the site logs so you can quickly see who disarmed the site! For more information and to create your gravatar account please visit

Does Cloud Router™ access my Facebook information and vice versa?

No, by Facebook's design we only have access to your public profile information. you can see exactly what information we have access to under the heading 'fields' here: We currently use none of these fields and simply store a unique Facebook identifier so that we can send you notifications. If you opt out of this feature at any time, your unique Facebook identifier is wiped from our database and we cannot contact you until you opt into it again.

Facebook hasn't got access to any of the information that we store in our system. For the most up to date information regarding your privacy please review our privacy policy here:

How much SMS credit do I get per month?

Cloud Router™ Pro comes with 50 SMS's per month included as standard. If you wish to increase this quota you can add SMS packs to your monthly subscription which adds 50 SMS's per month. Site Packs allow you to create an additional Site on your account and add 50 SMS's per month to your account as well. So, if you want to be able to create 2 sites and have 150 SMS's per month you would upgrade to Cloud Router™ Pro, add 1 site pack and add 1 SMS pack.

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